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Computer Tomography from Micro Electronics to Assembled Products

When: Back to Calendar April 5, 2017 @ 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Where: Online Webinar
Cost: £65 plus VAT
Contact: Keith Bryant
Traditional CT in our industry has been limited to Business card sized samples, due to the Cone Beam x-ray systems used by Electronics manufacturing companies. Inclined or Partial CT provides a slightly different solution showing layers or slices in 2D very well, but due to the partial nature of the scans does not produce very accurate 3D reconstructions
This webinar will look at more sophisticated x-ray systems, including dual tube units, which can image at sub-micron level and have the ability to build an accurate and detailed 3D image of a tablet or smart phone without any stitching or joining of images. With high quality reconstruction software, these images can easily be manipulated to allow key features or failure sites to be easily seen. These systems are being used in Failure Analysis but also in NPI and in the design and development process as CAD data can be overlaid and metrology is also possible with some systemsFor further information or to book a place Click Here
Presented by Keith Bryant
Topics include:
CT meets CAD and Metrology
New systems cross over from Sub Micron to assembled Smart Phones and beyond
Images from micro electronics to complete assemblies
Very detailed 3D reconstruction, perfect for FA

A copy of the slides will be provided after the webinar and there is also a opportunity for Q&A during the session