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Good Luck Mentor

Ruminations on the electronics industry from David Manners, of Electronics Weekly.

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A fix for Allo Vana hi-fi player for Raspberry Pi?

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Law needs to credit inventive computers in patents

He proposes that patent law be changed to acknowledging computers as inventors in order to encourage the development of creative computers “without which, some inventions may never be realised”, said the University, which claims companies including IBM, Pfizer and Google are already investing in creative computing.

According to Abbot’s report in the Boston College Law Review, there are also likely to be disputes over inventorship, with individuals taking credit for inventions that are not genuinely theirs.

He advocates assigning ownership of a computer’s invention to a computer’s owner, so that inventive activity which happens before the invention itself is rewarded.

“While some patent prosecutors say the ability of machines to create patentable inventions on their own is well off in the future, artificial intelligence has actually been generating inventive ideas for decades,” said Abbot. “In just one example, an artificial intelligence system named ‘The Creativity Machine’ invented the first cross-bristled toothbrush design.”

The Law Review study also examines the implications of computer inventorship for other areas of patent law – for example whether computers should replace the ‘skilled person’ conventionally used to judge a patent’s inventiveness, since a computer would have an unlimited knowledge of the particular field in question.


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