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  1. Apr

    1. Computer Tomography from Micro Electronics to Assembled Products @ Online Webinar
      2:30 pm – 4:00 pm
      Traditional CT in our industry has been limited to Business card sized samples, due to the Cone Beam x-ray systems used by Electronics manufacturing companies. Inclined or Partial CT provides a slightly different solution showing layers or slices in 2D very well, but due to the partial nature of the scans does not produce very accurate 3D reconstructions
      This webinar will look at more sophisticated x-ray systems, including dual tube units, which can image at sub-micron level and have the ability to build an accurate and detailed 3D image of a tablet or smart phone without any stitching or joining of images. With high quality reconstruction software, these images can easily be manipulated to allow key features or failure sites to be easily seen. These systems are being used in Failure Analysis but also in NPI and in the design and development process as CAD data can be overlaid and metrology is also possible with some systemsFor further information or to book a place Click Here
      Presented by Keith Bryant
      Topics include:
      CT meets CAD and Metrology
      New systems cross over from Sub Micron to assembled Smart Phones and beyond
      Images from micro electronics to complete assemblies
      Very detailed 3D reconstruction, perfect for FA

      A copy of the slides will be provided after the webinar and there is also a opportunity for Q&A during the session

      2:30 pm
      Computer Tomography from Micro Electronics to Assembled Products @ Online Webinar
  2. May

    1. Wave Soldering Lead-Free – Setting up Your Process Parameters webinar @ Online Webinar
      2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

      Do we have all the answers to successful lead-free wave soldering? No, and to quote a well-known soldering metallurgist, we often don’t even know all the questions. Lead-free is new to many and the wave soldering process is the most affected by the change of materials with cost increase in alloy, solder bath and copper erosion plus increased temperatures all make process change demanding. During this presentation we will look at the practical experience to date and try to provide answers to as many questions that have come to light during early introduction. The presenter has produced training video and interactive CD-ROMs on wave soldering and conducted the Electrovert “Workshop of Machine Soldering” for over 10 years with theory and hands on sessions worldwide

      To find out more or book a place for your team Click Here

      After the webinar there is a Q&A session which provides ample time for all delegate questions to be answered. However, if a delegate has a process example they would like cover in the webinar it will need to be provided in advance of the session

      Each webinar last approximately 60-90mins with the opportunity for questions

      Topics include:

      Checking key aspects in design
      Copper erosion problems
      Effect of tin-lead on joint reliability
      Equipment settings, pre heat, fluxer, wave settings
      Inert soldering
      Effect of bath contaminates
      Quality control checks
      Common soldering defects, causes and cures

      A copy of the slides presented during the webinar are provided at the end of the event

      2:30 pm
      Wave Soldering Lead-Free – Setting up Your Process Parameters webinar @ Online Webinar
  3. May

    1. Contamination, Cleaning & Conformal Coating Conference @ Radisson Blu Hotel
      9:00 am – 4:30 pm

      The event is jointly organised by SMTA & SMART Group
      smta-smartSMTA and SMART Group are excited to announce their first-ever co-organized conference in Europe. The conference focus is on contamination, cleaning and conformal coating in the manufacture of electronics. Be part of this two-day event featuring presentations, workshops, and a panel discussion.  The event will be held between 22-24th May at Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

      Full details on the Half Day Workshop and the Full Two Day Conference are available to view on our dedicated website Click Here

      Conference Table Top Exhibition Bookings are now available along with sponsorship opportunities find out more Click Here

      Conference Delegates can now book their place in Pounds Sterling or Euro with SMART using the booking form provided Click Here

      Conference Chair:

      Mike Bixenman, KYZEN Corporation

      Technical Committee:
      Richard Boyle, Henkel Technologies
      Steve Carr, SOMACIS
      Charles Cawthorne, MBDA UK
      Naim Kapadia, The Manufacturing Technology Centre
      Phil Kinner, Electrolube
      Robert Murphy, Applied Kilovolts
      Jason O’Dell, O’Dell Rework Solutions Ltd
      Helmut Schweigart, ZESTRON Europe
      Jeremy Smallwood, Electrostatic Solutions Ltd
      Karthik Vijay, Indium Corporation
      Bob Willis,

      Executive Committee:

      Keith Bryant, SMART Group
      Tanya Martin, SMTA

      9:00 am
      Contamination, Cleaning & Conformal Coating Conference @ Radisson Blu Hotel
  4. Jul

    1. PCB Microsectioning, Analysis of Failure & Quality Standards @ Online Webinar
      2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

      Producing a microsection is a very valuable and cost effective way of assessing PCB defects, component failures or solder joint quality. Understanding the steps in producing a section can be an invaluable tool in failure analysis. Microsection assessment is also an important skill when looking at suppliers testing facility or interpreting results from you PCB supplier during process audits
      microsectionTopics covered in the webinar include:

      Microsection tools and materials
      IPC Inspection standards
      Cutting samples without damage
      Mounting PCB or component positions
      Sanding, polishing and etching samples
      Assessment of results
      Measuring methods
      General photography and SEM assessment
      Recording results and report preparation

      Delegates receive a copy of the slides presented and a FREE copy of the Bob Willis poster guide to PCB Manufacture and a set of Microsection Inspection Reference/Defect Charts for use in their own factory

      2:30 pm
      PCB Microsectioning, Analysis of Failure & Quality Standards @ Online Webinar