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In-House Training

The SMART Group, (Surface Mount and Related Technologies Group), Europe’s largest technical trade organisation proudly announces that it is launching a wide range of on-site one or two day training courses. The training session can be a mixture of theory and hands on sessions depending on the topic selected.


SMART Group are also offering a range of smart-e-webinars to complement their existing hands on and theory training to companies in the electronics industry. SMART has always been innovative and keen to provide different types of education and support to the industry.

smart-e-webinars are ideal learning opportunities for individuals or groups of engineers and will be presented by leading engineers in the electronics industry. Each session lasts between 60-90 min and allows a cost effective alternative to existing educational events without the hassle of travel. To participate in a smart-e-webinar all you need is a broadband internet connection, PC and head set microphone/headphones. Alternatively for groups in a conference room you use a PC with speakers, broadband connection and projector plus conference microphone. If you would like to listen to the smart-e-webinar archive files contact SMART

Learn how to get the most from a smart-e-webinar by contacting SMART Group Information

Online webinar topic that will be covered in coming months will include:

Component technology
Printed circuit board manufacture
Stencil printing
Reflow soldering
Wave soldering
Hand soldering and desoldering
Conformal coating

We also plan to cover a range of advanced subjects like solder joint and design reliability, also the introduction to the manufacture of alternative energy systems. The aim of a webinar is to bring technology to your desktop or conference room and allow student and instructor online interaction, question and answer sessions without leaving your company.

smart-e-webinars are also available on demand to your company. We can offer a 2-3 hour webinars on a wide range of subjects to support your onsite training, this is also ideal when a specific problems in manufacture occurs and you need to bring a group of staff up to date on the causes and cures. We have in the past provided the same type of online webinar for customers and contract assembly providers who have a disagreement on inspection and quality issues on products.

If you have a suggestion on a topic you would like to see covered in the future or would like to be involved in presenting a webinar contact SMART Group 


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