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Ed Gets In On An ICO

He’s launching a crypto-currency which is supposed to be used to buy provisions and shelter for dispossessed people – migrants, refugees, victims of natural disasters etc.

Why we need a crypto-currency for this escapes me and, knowing my mate, this is a scheme to fill his boots rather than the needs of suffering humanity.

I call in the Permanent Secretary.

“What is HMG’s position on crypto-currencies?”

“We don’t have one, Secretary of State, ” he purrs, “unlike China which has banned them, and the Governor of the ECB who has condemned them, HMG has remained neutral on the matter.”

“I feel a word of support from the department might show we’re on the ball technologically and that we believe in free and lightly regulated financial markets unlike the Chinese and the Continentals,” I tell him.

“Did you have any particular crypto-currency in mind for these words of support, Secretary of State?”

No, no, no,” I pretend to be nonchalant, ” but let’s make it one with a worthy intention – there’s one being launched called AidCoin to help people in distress – migrants, refugees, victims of natural disasters – that sort of thing.”

“Very well Secretary of State I will get the Department to draft a statement of support for your approval.”

That should do the trick, an ICO which appears to have cred with HMG should go through the roof and my mate has allocated my proxy 10,000 of these little AidCoin crypto-blighters.

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