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Future Horizons’ IEF 2012 will be in Armenia

The Prime Minister of Armenia will be speaking at this years International Electronics Forum organised by Future Horizons.


2012 is the 21st anniversary of Armenia’s secession from the Soviet Union and also the 21st anniversary of the Future Horizons IEF.


The forum is being held at the Marriott Hotel in Armenia’s capital, Yerevan.


“ The forum will serve to provide guidance and discussion to really drive the foundry and semiconductor market progress as it continues its momentum out of this economic downturn,” says Future Horizons’ CEO malcolm Penn, “we have also ensured we are coinciding with the DigiTech Expo (5-7 October 2012) allowing us to offer delegates a pre- and post-forum Armenia experience.”


The need to invent one’s way out of recession will serve as a primary discussion topic, as well as looking into how emerging markets offer new opportunities for access to academic and engineering skills. 


As a former SovietRepublic, Armenia is widely regarded as one of the IT world’s best, untapped resources and advanced technical centres of excellence.

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