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PCB Surface Finish Defect Guide

PCB Surface Finish Defect Guide  launched FREE by SMART Group

Guide to surface finishes

The New SMART Defect Guide is available and is entitled “Printed Circuit Solderable Finish Defect Guide” This relates to different surface coating on PCB pads and common process and assembly failures that may occur. It shows issues at good receipt and the typical assembly related problems. The guide provides example images of satisfactory surface finishes as a reference source and many common defect examples. It is well known the surface finishes can create joint failures and other reliability problems so good solderability is key to success

“Conformal Coating & Cleaning Defect Guide 2″ The updated guide is also free to download Click Here . The colour guide provides examples of the most common process defects and common cures. The guide also features many of the common and less obvious defects seen during production. It will feature defects associated with components, printed circuit boards, design, materials, assembly and rework. It will also include some of the issues which may be seen on field returns to obtain a copy of the Conformal Coating & Cleaning Defect Guide 2 Register Here

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